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Middle of the week actor worship— yes, he really is as cool as he seems. Please compare yourself to ANYONE else. Really. Here’s why:

It’s that time of the week again: middle-of-the-week-actor worship. Today, we look at an actor who has been receiving accolades for his unique and riveting performances for over 40 years, Jack Nicholson.

Nicholson cut his teeth as a screenwriter and bit part player under no-budget directing guru, Roger Corman. Three years after completing his first LSD-induced screenplay, he was nominated for an Oscar. If you don’t know much about his upbringing and Shakespearean-tragedy-like coming of age, look it up. It sheds some light on the strangeness and intensity he brings to his roles.
Choosing clips of Nicholson’s performances is daunting. I made it a little easier for myself by choosing my favorites: these are the scenes which, I feel, exemplify Nicholson’s own personal take on performance.  Naturally, I’m not sure who else, besides Nicholson, could pull of these choices.
If you only watch one clip, click HERE to watch Jack Torrance’s complete mental breakdown at the bar in The Shining. (Language.)
HERE is Nicholson in his first major film role (later played by Bill Murray in the movie musical version.)
Can he sing? Sort of. Does it matter? You decide. HERE is Nicholson in Tommy.
Scenery begs to be chewed by Nicholson. HERE he is with a mouthful in The Witches of Eastwick.
You don’t have to yell to chew scenery. Hold THIS CLIP between your knees.
Have a great Wednesday, everyone!