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SLOLT Volunteer, Shauna Juarez, invents and launches new product!

Please help support fellow SLOLT volunteer, Shauna Juarez! She’s spent a number of hours helping SLOLT sort through costumes, so we’d like to thank her by getting the word out about her new product. She’s invented a new product for your blue tooth.

Please check out her website at

Anyone recognize the model? 😉


We designed this product to solve a huge comfort and convenience issue. We found wearing a Cellular Bluetooth Device with a traditional earhook very uncomfortable, especially when you add eyewear, either sunglasses or prescription. The earhooks that come stock with most Bluetooths tend to flop around, while a TalkSoc keeps the device snug against your ear. Many Bluetooth wearers have found that these earhooks do not accommodate smaller size ears. The TalkSoc is a perfect one-size-fits-all solution.