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SPRING has SPRUNG at the Little Theatre! PSYCHOPATHIA this weekend, SARAH, PLAIN & TALL is up next!

In the spring, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of… argyle socks?!!
(With apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s Locksley Hall)

This weekend, Ubu’s Other Shoe will boldly go where no Ubu has gone before. Well…not really. But it is a delightfully funny, deliciously naughty staged reading. Erin Messer, the new Arts Editor at New Times, has written a nice little piece about it in the paper today. You can read it HERE.

PSYCHOPATHIA SEXUALIS is written by John Patrick Shanley, author of the Academy award-winning  MOONSTRUCK and the Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning DOUBT: A Parable. So, even though it’s a story of a man who can’t “perform” without his father’s argyle socks in the room, you KNOW it’s got to have more to it than that. And it does. Directed by Lisa Woske and featuring the talents of Jonathon Shadrach, Gregg Wolff, Maggie Coons, Deborah Bertling and John Geever, Psychopathia Sexualis is more than just another brilliantly funny show.
“Shanley has written what on the surface is a deft boulevard comedy, but one with thought-provoking depths.” —NY Magazine 

But don’t take NY Magazine’s word for it, come on down to the theatre this Friday or Saturday and check out our UBU’s Other Shoe Staged Reading of PSYCHOPATHIA SEXUALIS. There’s a talk-back with the cast and the director after Friday’s show and tickets are only $10 ($7 for students!) But you’d better hurry, we sold out our last UBU Staged Reading! CLICK HERE to get your tickets today.

Speaking of Spring, happy first day of! Do you know how I know it’s spring here at the theatre? Things get super busy! There’s never a dull moment. Yesterday afternoon and evening, we had rehearsals going on for Teen Monologues, Sarah, Plain & Tall, Proof and A Chorus Line. Not to mention ACT After School Theatre Classes!  And next week, we’ll have Spring Break Theatre Camp here all week.  I’ll bet you had no idea this little building could hold that many people and rehearse and perform so many things all at once!

But getting back to my main point, next weekend, March 28-29, the young and talented students of our Academy of Creative Theatre program will be presenting a staged reading of their own!

Adapted by Joseph Robinette
From Patricia MacLachlan’s
Newberry Award Winning Novel
This heartwarming, historical story will be directed by Kerry DiMaggio and features the talents of Elizabeth Tharp, Conner Allen, Mia Ritter, Sienna Ritter, Jed Authier, Campbell Ellery, Alexis Rosinsky and Zoe Peach-Riley. You can CLICK HERE for more information and tickets. If you’ve never seen one of our ACT shows, you’re really missing out, so come check it out next week! 
Now, back to spring at the theatre. As you know (if you read this blog) I sometimes stay a little late in  my upstairs office. Just catching up, you know. And spring is the absolute best time to do that. On Tuesday night, the cast of A Chorus Line was rehearsing in the rehearsal room and Musical Director Lacey McNamara was really putting the cast through their paces. Let me tell you, Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen sounded absolutely fabulous! I can’t wait for that show! Word to the wise: get your tickets EARLY for this one. The center section is already full for almost every performance. 
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before A Chorus Line takes the stage, PROOF by David Auburn opens on April 4th. Directed by Teresa Thuman and featuring a brilliant cast (Gwendolyn Gay, Alyson Wren, Nathan Emmons, and Tom Ammon) this Pulitzer Prize winning drama will knock your socks off. (Oops, socks again!)
“Combines elements of surprise with old fashioned storytelling…a smart and compassionate play of ideas.” – NY Daily News
Don’t put it off. You can CLICK HERE to get your tickets for this Pulitzer Prize winning drama today.

Finally, a bit of sad news along with all the good. The arts lost a wonderful friend this week. Ann Ream, the driving force behind public art in San Luis Obispo, passed away last weekend after 11 long years of battling cancer. If you like public art in SLO, including “Bee Bee Works His Magic” which is located right outside the Little Theatre, you have Ann to thank. Rest in peace, lovely lady, and thank you.

Have a lovely first weekend in spring everyone. And I hope to see you at a show soon!