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THE BEST MAN is close, WATERGATE is coming back, and ANN MARGRET will slap your face with her fiery red hair. Repeatedly. THIS WEEK at the Little Theatre.

Good afternoon friends of the Little Theatre!
The Best Man began “hell week” this past weekend and we’re looking
forward to beginning our full dress rehearsals this evening. Our wonderful
costumer Sharon Woodside (assisted by Karen Miles) showed off their great work
at the costume parade yesterday.
The Best Man opens this Friday, October 12. Get your
ticket now by clicking HERE.
for the Academy of Creative Theatre production of Honk Jr! are coming up soon. Get all of the audition details by
clicking HERE.
It’s a Wonderful Life has started music rehearsals and begin
blocking next week. Check out the great cast by clicking HERE. Get your tickets now
by clicking HERE.
of Watergate (and other solid gold hits!)
are coming next month. Keep checking the website- roles/details/songs to be
released soon!
Every week I will publish the
newest members of the Little Theatre. Our organization depends on the
generosity of these individuals/businesses to survive. If you know anyone
on the list below, please be sure to let them know that you appreciate what
they are doing for our theatre. A little thanks goes a long way!
Laurie Elliott
Jane Bowerman & David Gillette
Bethany & Don Griffiths
Jeanne Potter
Amy Toyama
to Enchanted April’s director, Teresa
Thuman! Her production of TOMMY!
Opens this Friday at Bainbridge
Performing Arts. 
I’m sure your production will be awesome, it simply cannot be as awesome as THIS.
Please click HERE
to cleanse your palette.
Thank you, again, for
everything you do to make this theatre work. As always, please let me know if
there’s anything that the Board/staff can do to make your time with the Little
Theatre more enjoyable and rewarding.
Have a great week, everyone,