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The COPIER has landed! Thanks to Jill Turnbow and HOUSELIGHTS THEATRE.

Isn’t it gorgeous?!
(And the two kids in the bottom photo aren’t bad either.)
Last summer, Jill Turnbow and HOUSELIGHTS THEATRE presented a generous check to SLO Little Theatre’s Kevin Harris. The north coast theatre company had decided it was time to close their doors and they graciously donated their remaining funds to us… with just one little caveat. We HAD to buy a new copier with the money!
A familiar face to SLOLT audiences, actress and director Jill had often struggled with the little copier in our office. It seems the little hamster who made the thing run didn’t like Jill very much and always gave her grief. But no more! This thing not only copies, it collates, faxes, scans, slices, dices…it’ll even learn your lines for you. It’s THAT good!

Thank you, Jill, and thank you HOUSELIGHTS THEATRE for making our new copier possible. Can’t wait to start churning out the pages!

P.S. You don’t need a copier to buy your tickets for Enchanted April. It opens next week, you know. And the actors have already learned their lines and everything. Rumor has it that it’s going to be absolutely awesome. CLICK HERE to buy your tickets for Opening Night!