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A sneak peek at SOME ENCHANTED EVENING…twinkle lights & everything!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Well, if that’s true, then I think I’ll let these gorgeous photos from Jamie Foster Photography do the talking for me! Go on, take a minute and scroll through these images, and bear in mind that this show SOUNDS even better than it looks! When you’re through, CLICK HERE to get your tickets.

Katie Gucik and Gregory Gorrindo

Gregory Gorrindo, Katie Gucik, Danielle Dutro McNamara, Jackie Edwards and Phil Edwards. Pianist Hunter O’Brien and Music Director/pianist Lacey McNamara are playing their hearts out high above the stage.

Danielle Dutro McNamara
Phil Edwards
Jackie Edwards
Gregory Gorrindo
Katie Gucik
Okay, I figure that’s about 10,000 words worth. Next step is to BUY YOUR TICKETS and come on down to see the show. If you think seeing is believing, just wait until you hear!  SOME ENCHANTED EVENING is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day all month long!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!